Thursday, May 6, 2010

Date Night

Me and Tyler are supposed to get a date night Friday night. Our date nights usually have these in them…




Our date night usually consists of a quick trip to our fave, El Palacio, or a trip to the grocery store. You know Tyler has Lilly withdrawals after about 45 minutes. I can’t decide if that’s admirable or sad….

A lipstick that stays on TOO LONG?

Yes, I’ve found a lipstick that stays on entirely too long. I actually find myself struggling to get it off with a paper towel before bed. It doesn’t even come off when I wash my face!


You put on the colored part, let it dry, then put on the gloss. I’ve had others like this, but this by far the longest lasting lipstick I’ve ever tried. I got it off  It’s MAC pro longwear lustre.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My little Colie Polie….


Mom, I hope you’re reading this so you can see how much he’s grown…I try and try to get pics with his eyes open, but never succeed.

He climbs all day long…..and drags out my books.



I think I should just put all the books in the garage sale! It would be better than picking them up every day!

What I got in the mail….

I love free samples. I got this in the mail yesterday….


It was filled with a BUNCH of freebies….


Go sign up at

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Little Lilly….

Yes, she is a handful, but can definitely make my day…..


She picked me these flowers last night……


And then she made me dinner…..

She came up to me last night, covered me up with one of her baby doll blankets, and said “you hungry mom-mom? I make you dinner.  You need a banana and chips?"  I said, “sure” and off she went. But first she says “Hang on, you stay right there, I need to go cook  da banana”.


I love that kid!

Everything’s Growing at the Thompsons…..

I can definitely tell it’s spring. Not only from the allergies, but from everything growing around my house. My baby boy got new shoes 8 weeks ago. I put them on him two nights ago and they don’t fit. Too small ALREADY!!! So here’s so pics of what’s growing…


My kiddos! (Hope I don’t get in trouble for posting this pic on the internet, but they’re so stinkin’ cute)


My lily’s, and yes, I know I need to work on the flower bed.


My new ‘mater plants. I don’t think I know how to fashion ‘hog wire cages, so I’m going to try using stakes and loosely tie the plants to them. We’ll see….

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What I’m ordering today….

I saw this book on the Family First website. Looks right up my alley.


It is about motherhood, and putting family first. Apparently goes hand in hand with this book…


I’m ordering this one too.

One day my dream is to be a SAHM. Or at least I like to think that’s my dream. By the end of my maternity leave, I was chomping at the bit to get back to work, so who knows, but  I’d at least like to have the opportunity to try! Most days I carry around a TON of guilt about having to be the one to leave for work, while Tyler gets to stay at home with the kids. I guess that’s how it is in the life of a working mother. Always feeling guilty about letting somebody down (husband, kids, work). There’s just never enough of me to go around!


I never meant to start a stockpile. It just kind of happened when I started using coupons. But it is sort of like menu planning. It saves me time, money, and middle of the week grocery store trips. And I base a lot of my meal plans around it. So here’s what I do….DSC00667

My stockpile consists of things I’ve gotten at Homeland for free using coupons or close to free. So technically it didn’t cost me much. I store everything in this shelf in the laundry room. All non-perishables. It is so handy to be able to run back there and grab whatever I’m out of.

Monday, April 26, 2010

May Monthly Meal Plan

Here it is….

1st: Chicken Spaghetti
2nd: Salisbury Steak
3rd: Salmon
4th: Homemade Pizza
5th: Leftovers (Church night)
6th: Steak (grill)
7th: Tacos
8th: Spaghetti & Meatballs
9th: BBQ Chicken
10th: Turkey Meatloaf
11th: Stromboli
12th: Leftovers (Church night)
13th: Tater Tot Casserole
14th: Smoked Sausage with jalapenos and Rice
15th: Chicken soft tacos
16th: Grilled Chicken Salads (use leftover chicken)
17th: Hot ham & Cheese
18th: Steak
19th: Steak burritos (Crockpot) Taste of Home Recipe
20th: Leftovers
21st: Tostadas
22nd: Shrimp Chowder (Crockpot) Taste of Home Recipe
23rd: Pepper Steak/Rice (Crockpot) Taste of Home Recipe
24th: Sausage Casserole
25th: Enchilada Casserole
26th: Leftovers (Church night)
27th: Cheesy Chicken (Crockpot)
28th: Homemade pizza
29th: Hobo meatball stew (Crockpot) Taste of Home Recipe
30th: Chicken Veggie Alfredo (Crockpot) Taste of Home Recipe
31st: Pioneer Woman Meatballs

I just learned this….

Ok, I learned something new last week. When I was over at the Wellness Center getting my face sandblasted, I was talking with Kelly about makeup. Foundation to be exact. During the summer, I like it to look lighter. Anywho, I just wasn’t happy with mine. So she told me to start putting it on with a brush. WHAT? That’s gross. So she showed me. DSC00679

This is the brush I got for $1 from  It’s just a big powder brush. But I did what she said and love the results. I took my same old foundation that I’d been using, put a few dots on my cheeks, forehead, and chin. Brushed it all on with the brush above, and like to much better. Gives it a more airbrushed look and not as thick. Try it! And who know I could talk a whole paragraph about putting on foundation? :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

What I’m loving right now!

I’m addicted to this new face cream and eye cream I got. Ordered it from Love that web site, but you guys know I’ve always been a fan of that kind of stuff!

DSC00668 DSC00672

The eye cream is L’occitane Ultra Rich Eye Balm. Oh my Gosh is all I can say.  The face cream is Clarins Multi-Active Jour for Early Wrinkle Correction. I’m normally really oily, and this works well for me.  Try it now!  And remind me to put it on my Christmas List!!!

My Homeland Trip for $16.00


Thursday, April 22, 2010

My first blog – Weekly Dinner Meal Plan

I have been doing a meal plan for us for the last year and I love it! I do it on the first of the month, for the whole month. But since it is already the 22nd, I will only post next week’s. It saves me lots of time, money, middle-of-the-week grocery store trips, and keeps us from eating crap that’s usually bad for you. Keep in mind when you read it, that yes, I am always on a diet, but no, my family is not, so I just eat a small portion of whatever is for dinner.  I also cook/prep  the majority of our meal on Saturday morning while Tyler is still sleeping and just keep them in the fridge. It saves major stress later in week when I walk in the front door from work and they’re all “starving”!

Sunday: Ham Steaks (sides to be determined)

Monday: BBQ Ribs (crock pot)

Tuesday: Italian Chicken

Wednesday: leftovers (church night)

Thursday: Salmon

Friday: Burgers

Saturday: Chicken Spaghetti (making 2 and freezing 1 for later)